1. Administration

    The Municipal District of Bighorn’s Administration consists of three personnel: the Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.), the Executive Assistant, and the Main Receptionist.

  2. Planning and Development

    The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for implementing the community’s vision through both long-term and day-to-day planning and development activities.

  3. Community Services

    Bighorn Community Services department combines the areas of Community Supports, Culture, Parks and Recreation and Trails. Its focus is on supporting and enhancing the lives of Bighorn residents through programs and resources.

  4. Emergency Services

    Emergency Services provided by the Municipal District consist of safety codes inspections on commercial operations, fire prevention / suppression equipment and forces.

  5. Finance

    The Director of Finance is responsible for carrying out the statutory requirements relating to municipal financial operations, taxation, assessment, etc.

  6. Operations

    The Municipal Districts’s (M.D.) Operations Department consists of six full-time employees who perform a range of duties pertaining to public works and agricultural issues in the M.D.