Bylaws & Agreements

Streets & Roads Bylaw 03/08 Section VII Subsection (70)

No person shall operate a vehicle in excess of the load limits or the size limits as legislated in the Commercial Vehicle and Weight Regulation, or in contravention of any prohibitions as stated in this or any other M.D. Bylaw without first obtaining a permit to do so, as issued by the Director or his delegate, subject to such conditions as specified in the permit (subject to $2,500 fine).

Maximum Bridge Weight Restrictions

  • Fallen Timber Creek Bridge 18/33/48
  • Ghost River Bridge (Richards Road) 20 21, 2023
  • Waiparous Creek Bridge (AT controlled)

Road Use Agreements & Pipeline/Utility Crossings

  • Please submit a Road Use Application form along with the $500 fee.
  • Pipeline and Utility Crossings, please submit your project proposal with $500 fee.
  • Please contact our office at 403-673-3611 or 403-233-7678 (Calgary direct) or email Ulrika Gillespie.
Vehicle traveling down road with sunset behind it

Streets & Roads Bylaw 03/08 Section 48

No person shall:
  • Cause or do any act which causes seed, grain or other materials used in agricultural or commercial production to be deposited on that portion of a highway normally used for vehicular traffic
  • Cause, or allow to be deposited or disposed of on a highway any substance or object which may be, or is hazardous to a person or vehicle
  • Cause or do any act which causes grass, hay or straw clippings and/or stalks to be deposited on the portion of a highway normally used for vehicular traffic
  • Cause or allow oil or any chemical or any liquid to be placed on a road without obtaining permission to do so from the M.D.
  • Drain or allow to leak any engine, transmission or other chemical fluids out of a vehicle upon a Street, so that said fluids falls upon the Street
  • Deposit or dispose of rocks, brush, roots, twigs or branches or any other unwanted debris in a ditch or on any portion of a highway without permission to do so from the MD
  • Deposit, or in any way cause to be deposited upon any highway, any snow, ice or other material

Alberta Justice Solicitor General -Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

  • Main Phone: 403-652-8659
  • RCMP Canmore Phone: 403-678-5519
  • RCMP Cochrane Phone: 403-932-2213
Visit the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement website.