Things to Do

Dog Sledding

Opportunities Abound

Recreational opportunities abound in the Municipal District of Bighorn, from dog sledding, skiing, skating in the winter to hiking, horseback riding, cycling and climbing in the summer. There are many experienced commercial operations just waiting to provide you with a quality outdoor experience. Alternatively, our outdoor backyard is just waiting for you to explore on your own or you can catch a class or a fitness program.
  1. Boating / Rafting

    Rafting and canoeing on the Bow River, which flows through Bighorn, are very popular ways to spend a day.

  2. Fishing

    The world-renowned Bow River flows through the Municipal District of Bighorn in the Bow Valley.

  3. Golf Courses

    The Municipal District is home to one amazing 18 hole course situated at the gateway to the glorious Rocky Mountains.

  4. Hiking

    Municipal District of Bighorn, particularly in the Bow Valley, is the staging area for numerous hiking adventures.

  5. Learning Resources

    Check out resources for courses and programs for learning.

  6. Libraries

    Discover numerous resources at your local libraries.

  7. Local Recreation Facilities

    View a listing of workout venues.

  8. Meeting Spaces

    Explore options for places to meet with others.

  9. Museums

    Learn more about science, history and the past, present and future of your community at local museums.

  10. Other Outdoor Activities

    Still looking for more adventure? How about a day of paint ball, capture the flag or spelunking (that’s climbing through caves).