Planning Services

  1. Area Redevelopment Plans

    An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is another planning policy document which is used to guide the redevelopment of existing areas which are in need of some form of rehabilitation.

  2. Area Structure Plans

    An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a planning policy document that is used to guide the development of newly developing areas within the municipality.

  3. Concept Plans

    A concept plan (conceptual scheme) is a non-statutory planning document that may be required by the Municipal District of Bighorn to be created for certain development proposals.

  4. Land Use Bylaw

    The Land Use Bylaw is the principal planning document that is used in the day-to-day control of development activities within the Municipal District of Bighorn.

  5. Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

    The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary policy document that provides long-term guidelines and policy direction for the future growth and development within the municipality.

  6. Subdivision Services

    The process of subdividing land can be a complex undertaking and is subject to both provincial and municipal regulations.