Land Use Bylaw - Documents


  • Bylaw 15-Z/13 Redesignate Annexed Land From Rocky View County. Amended Land Use Map (PDF). Amended Overlay District (PDF) Logging on Private Land
  • Bylaw 02-Z/14 (PDF) To Add Health and Wellness to the list of Discretionary Uses in the DMF-Highway District
  • Bylaw 03-Z/14 (PDF) To Create an Overlay District for the R-SH in Dead Man's Flats
  • Bylaw 09-Z/15 (PDF) To correct minor clerical and technical errors to Bylaw 03-Z/14
  • Bylaw 14-Z/15 (PDF) To redesignate Ptn NE and NW 27-26-6-W5M from AC to DC-4 and to create Direct Control District 4
  • Bylaw 20-Z/15 (PDF) To amend and replace Map 5 Lac des Arcs Land Use Map
  • Bylaw 04/16 (PDF) To amend minor corrections
  • Bylaw 10-Z/16 (PDF) To amend to allow "Communication towers and facilities" within Scott Lake Tourist and Highway Commercial District (SL-HWY) 
  • Bylaw 01-Z/17 (PDF) To re-district SE 23-26-7-W5M. SW 28-26-6-W5M, and a Portion of NE 33-26-6-W5M from Agriculture Conservation District (AC) to Small Holdings District (SH) 
  • Bylaw 11-Z/17 (PDF) To reflect the new river boundary, municipal land ownership and land use in the Hamlet of Lac Des Arcs due to the changes in the Hamlet resulting from the 2013 flood event.
  • Bylaw 16-Z/17 (PDF) To amend the Land Use Bylaw No 04/10 by creating a new industrial district and re-designation, within the Hamlet of Dead Man's Flats. 
  • Land Use Bylaw (PDF) 04/10 (September 2013 Office Consolidation)