Emergency Services

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Emergency Services provided by the Municipal District consist of safety codes inspections on commercial operations, fire prevention / suppression equipment and forces.
  1. Ambulance Services

    Ambulance services are provided by Alberta Health Services.

  2. Emergency Notification

    CivicReady is a mass notification system that the Municipal District of Bighorn has implemented so that every resident can subscribe and be notified in cases of an emergency.

  3. Fire Safety Services

    There are three fire districts in the Municipal District of Bighorn each with its own fire hall: Benchlands (also referred to as the “Ghost” fire district), Exshaw, and Jamieson Road.

  4. Flood Hazard Management

    Read more about flood management including flood risk reduction plans and creek reports.

  5. Municipal Emergency Plan

    Alberta municipalities are required to prepare a Municipal Emergency Plan (MEP), to be used in disaster situations, such as flooding, forest fires, and explosions.

  6. Personal Emergency Preparedness

    Browse resources that will help you and your family prepare for emergency situations.

  7. Policing

    Policing is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) through rural detachments in other centres.