Best Garden Selection Awards

The MD has been selected to participate in the Communities in Bloom – Best Garden Selection Program

This is a fun, casual 
way to recognize the care and attention residents put into having a beautiful yard and garden in harmony with our surroundings and wildlife.

The program provides signs to post in winning yards for the season. This year several MD communities have enrolled to participate with others planning to participate in 2018.

Participating in 2017:
Ghost/Pears Area
Jamieson/Courville Roads Area
Lac des Arcs

Participating later: 
Dead Man’s Flats
Harvie Heights.

Best Garden

Community Committees

Exshaw: Community Garden Coordinator, Exshaw Community Association, Exshaw Legion, Exshaw Library Society

 Area: Ghost Valley Community and Eric Butters

 Roads Area: Ursula Reynolds and Bryne Weerstra

Lac des Arcs: Lac des Arcs Community Association 

The Process

Residents can nominate themselves or a neighbor for recognition by July 14 using the online nomination form and attaching 3 - 6 photos.

Residents can view Nominees and vote for a “Residents Choice Award” in their participating community between July 24 and August 25 with additional prizes awarded by the Community Committees in late August 2017.

This program is run informally and loosely judged by these evaluation criteria:

• Environmental Action
• Floral Displays
• Heritage Conservation
• Landscape
• Native Plant Use
• Tidiness
• Urban Forestry
• Water Conservation

More on the evaluation categories 

Nominate a Garden or Yard for a Best Garden Selection award.

The Winners

Winning gardeners must provide a photo with the sign in their garden for use by Scotts and the MD.  This year winners will also receive a package of Scotts Miracle Gro products.

Award signs will be returned to the MD in the fall for reuse the following year.