Overweight and/or Overdimensional Loads

No person, without first obtaining approval from the M.D., shall operate a vehicle, including any load that is carried on the vehicle, or is towed by the vehicle, that either exceeds the dimensions and/or weights prescribed by regulation; including any road ban or weight restriction prescribed by the M.D.

All overweight/overdimensional vehicles must obtain an Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permit, including those requiring a Road Use Agreement.

A Road Use Agreement, approved by the Director of Operations, is additionally required for any overweight/overdimensional haul on an M.D. road comprised of more than ten (10) single directional trips per day.

A Road Use Agreement approved by Council is required for any haul on an M.D. road comprised of one hundred (100) or more overweight/overdimensional single directional trips in a thirty (30) day period.

To apply for a Road Use Agreement, please submit a Road Use Agreement application to the M.D.’s Operations Coordinator at ulrika.gillespie@mdbighorn.ca.

Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permits can be obtained through the Provincial TRAVIS (Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System) permitting system or through Roadata Services Ltd in the following ways:

Provincial TRAVIS permitting:

TRAVIS Online Permits

Central Permit Office at phone: 800-662-7138

Road Data Services permitting:

Road Data Online Permit Services

Email Road Data Permit Services

Service Rigs at 888-830-7623

Heavy Hauls at 888-444-9288

Drilling Rigs at 888-730-3745

Office hours are Monday to Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

After hours available for additional fee

Although legal loads do not require M.D. approval, carriers are encouraged to work with the Roads Foreman for the installation of cautionary signage.

Road Bans

Year-round road bans are applied on Jamieson Road, Courville Road and Richards Road.  More restrictive road bans are typically in effect approximately between March 15th and June 15th annually, and as seasonal/environmental conditions dictate.

Current Road Bans: Effective 8 a.m. Wednesday , May 29, 2019

LocationPlan NumberAxle Percentage
Jamieson Road73116990% Weights
Jamieson Road1970 B.M90% Weights
Courville Road001025575% Weights
Richards Road6068 JK90% Weights

Bridge Weight Restrictions

The M.D. will not normally permit any overweight load in excess of the following weight restrictions, or as otherwise posted:

  • Fallen Timber Creek Bridge 18/32/48
  • Ghost River Bridge (Richards Road) 19/21/23

The Waiparous Creek Bridge on Highway 40 is under the control and management of Alberta Transportation.