Overweight and/or Overdimensional Loads

All overweight and/or overdimensional loads on a municipal roadway must be authorized by a Road Use Agreement or an Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permit.

Road Use Agreements

A Road Use Agreement, approved by the Director of Operations, is required for overweight/overdimensional hauls consisting of more than ten (10) single directional trips per day.  A Road Use Agreement, approved by Council, is required for any overweight/overdimensional hauls consisting of one hundred (100) or more single directional trips in a thirty (30) day period. 

For inquiries contact the Operations Coordinator at 403-673-3611 or ulrika.gillespie@mdbighorn.ca

Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permits

An Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permit is required for all other overweight/overdimensional hauls not meeting the aforementioned thresholds.  Overweight/Overdimensional Vehicle Permits can be obtained through the Provincial TRAVIS (Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System) permitting system or through Roadata Services Ltd. in the following ways:

Provincial TRAVIS permitting:

TRAVIS Online Permits
Central Permit Office at phone: 800-662-7138

Roadata Services permitting:

Roadata Online Permit Services
Email Roadata Permit Services
Service Rigs at 888-830-7623
Heavy Hauls at 888-444-9288
Drilling Rigs at 888-730-3745
Office hours are Monday to Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
After hours available for additional fee