Dead Man's Flats

Historical Information

Dead Man’s Flats was developed primarily as a commercial centre. In 1992, a 44-unit condominium development was built.
Sign announcing hamlet of Dead Mans Flats
An Area Structure Plan was completed in 2013 and development is proceeding for a 78 unit residential and light industrial subdivision called River's Bend.

Community Resources

There is a CSA standard playground located in the River's Bend subdivision.  The community erects and maintains a temporary winter outdoor ice surface in River's Bend.

Trails Asphalt surfaced trail along south and west boundary of Pigeon Creek Condominiums.

Community Organizations

  • The following community organizations are in Dead Man's Flats:
  • Dead Man's Flats Business Development Association
  • Dead Man's Flats Community Association - email
  • Pigeon Mountain Condominium Association
Population: 121 (2011 Federal Census)