Ghost River Subdivision

Historical Information

This residential community is located on Highway 40 west of the Summer Village of Waiparous and was developed in the early 1990s.

Population: 40+ (estimated from 2011 Federal Census data)

Community Resources


Linear municipal reserve exists for additional trail construction. A large recreation lease exists to the north of the community. This lease is jointly held by the MD and the Summer Village of Waiparous (SVW). A trail system, locally called The Back 40, exists on this parcel of land and is maintained by the local Ghost-Waiparous Trails Association (GWTA) following the Ghost-Waiparous Trails Resource Management Plan (RMP).
The Back 40 - Information and Map Brochure

2021 Resource Management Plan (RMP) Renewal Process

The RMP is a guiding document for the management of the Back 40 and was rewritten every 5 years, the current RMP expires fall 2021. Here is a copy of the Draft 2021 RMP and a letter by GWTA Chairman which helps to explain how we got here. These documents will also be posted on the SVW website. 

Please don't hesitate to contact the GWTA if you have any questions or concerns. The Draft 2021 RMP will be presented at GWTA's 2021 AGM for members approval. The current (2016) RMP link is below in the Useful Documents section.


FireSmart Work

FireSmart planning was undertaken by the partners and moved forward under the guidance of the Back 40 FireSmart Committee (a GWTA working committee with members from Benchlands, Ghost, SVW and Forestry) as funding opportunities arose with community information and consultation occurring at each operational planning step.

The first operational work on the Back 40 Fire Smart Plan was completed before Christmas 2017, the final Phase 4 was completed in March 2021 with funding from FRIAA.  

Community Organizations

The following community organization is in Ghost River Country Residential Subdivision:
  • Ghost-Waiparous Trails Association - email

Useful Documents