The Municipal District of Bighorn's Administration consists of three personnel:
  • Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.)
  • Executive Assistant
  • Main Receptionist


The C.A.O. is responsible for the overall planning, coordination and control of all municipal operations, in accordance with Council's objectives, policies and plans. This position is in charge of all other Municipal District staff; ensures implementation of Council direction; and provides recommendations and advice to Council, when policy direction is being considered.

Under the Municipal District's Emergency Plan, the C.A.O. is the Deputy Director of Disaster Services.

Executive Assistants

The Executive Assistant is responsible for carrying out the statutory requirements relating to a number of municipal functions, including records management, attendance at Council meetings to take minutes, supervising Bylaw Enforcement activities, handling municipal elections, and compliance with the Freedom of Information / Protection of Privacy legislation.


The Main Receptionist provides day-to-day support to the C.A.O. and the Executive Assistant as well as performing office support duties for several Municipal District boards and committees.