Green Acreages Guide

Starting Point

This guide is developed as a starting point that brings together information on many topics of concern for new or existing acreage owners. Inside it includes 20 chapters that discuss such topics as Life in Rural Alberta, Water, Property Evaluation, and Waste Management to name a few.

The chapters include a checklist for property owners and conclude with a list of further resource links to websites offering more information. Appropriate property management can help protect your investment as a property owner. Working with the surrounding environment, managing your property correctly, keeps your investment attractive and appealing to future buyers.


A copy of this guide is available for you to look through at the Municipal District of Bighorn office in Exshaw. Our helpful Agricultural Services staff can be of assistance in helping you through some of the informative chapters. For more information or if you decide to purchase a guide you can do so online from the Land Stewardship Centre for $35 plus GST.