Tree Care


An effective tree maintenance program that includes regular inspections, mulching, fertilizing and pruning is essential to maximize the benefits trees have to offer. This also allows home owners to detect problems before they can become fatal to their trees.

Tree Health

Signs of poor or declining tree health can present themselves as trunk decay, decreased leaf or shoot generation, deformed or discolored leaves and abnormal growths. Insects, diseases and environmental factors can also play a role in decreasing the health of your trees.


The Municipal District of Bighorn Agricultural Services staff can assist home owners with trying to determine what is impacting your trees or you can seek the help of a professional certified Arborist.

Additional Information

For more information on caring for your trees you can visit Trees Are Good.

For examples of insects and diseases that can be harmful visit the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Forest Health and Adaptation website.

Browning of evergreen trees is a common problem and can be caused by many different factors. This link will show some examples of what might be causing your evergreen tree needles to turn brown.

Useful Documents