Class Number – Description

For questions about the class numbers assigned to a property or about the assessment itself, please contact Kevin Lawrence, AMAA.
 Email: or Telephone: 1-888-419-2128


Class NumberClass Description
101Grazing Lease
102Rural - Farm
103Rural - Small Holding
111Multi Res
112Res Condo
113Apt Condo
152Vacant Residential
252~Vacant Commercial
253~Vacant Industrial
401~Proc Man'fac Bldg
403~Machinery & Equip
550DIP Farmland
551DIP Industrial
552DIP Impr/Land
553DIP Machinery & Equipment
555Linear Railway
570Linear Wells
571Linear Power Line
572Linear Telecomm
575Linear Power Co-Gen
576Linear Pipeline
580Linear Exempt
601Federal Res GIL
603Prov Res (Muni Levy Only)
653Prov Farmland (Muni Levy Only)
701~Fed Non Res GIL
703~Prov Non Res (Muni Levy Only)
801Federal EX
802School EX
803Prov EX
804Religious EX
808Community Hall EX
809Misc EX
810Cemetary EX
820Muni EX
851Farmland EX
901Primary Rural Res EX
902Secondary Rural Res EX
903Farm Bldg Exempt