Gas, Plumbing & Electrical Permits

Compliance & Safety

While the Municipal District of Bighorn issues Building Permits, the applicant is required to obtain all other necessary permits for gas, plumbing (Including Septic) and electrical installations. Effective May 1, 2016 the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) will begin operations to oversee the safety and compliance monitoring activity in your area.

To find out where to get a permit in your area visit Alberta Safety Codes Authority. If you have questions or trouble navigating the site please call ASCA at 877-413-6725.

Compliance Assessment Letters

By request, the Planning and Development Department will issue a compliance assessment letter which states whether or not buildings or structures on a property are in conformance to the regulations within the Land Use Bylaw.

A compliance assessment letter is not required by legislation, but is typically requested by a lending institution prior to approving a mortgage, or a lawyer to facilitate the sale of a property. To obtain a compliance assessment letter, please provide a written request for such service including the civic or legal address of the property and minimum of two copies of a current Real Property prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor, and the appropriate fee.

Bylaw Enforcement

Municipal staff, including a Development Officer, Safety Codes Officer and a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, respond to concerns, inquiries or complaints that relate to possible contravention of regulations in the Land Use Bylaw or the Building Code. The Development Officer may also issue an Order to ensure compliance with the Municipal District's regulations.