Positive Behavior Support for Children

Positive Behavior

Positive Behavior Supports for Children is a series of related websites developed for use by families, aides and school staff supporting children with disabilities! These interactive websites provide evidence-based strategies for promoting adaptive behavior, while managing challenging behaviors.

Healthy Parents Healthy Children

The Benefits of Public Health is a quick little video showing the return on investment (ROI) from $1 invested in public health activities. $1 invested in early childhood development saves $9 in later health costs: an ROI of 800%.

Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative

For some time now it has been apparent that behavioural management techniques that rely heavily on punishment and reward are relatively ineffective in reducing children's problematic behaviours, and in many cases can actually exacerbate the problem. Over the past decade it has also become increasingly clear that the cause of many of these behaviours lies in poor self-regulation.

Re-Framing Behaviour

The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative has been established first and foremost to help parents and educators re-frame a child's behaviour: to understand the reasons why a child might be having trouble paying attention, ignoring distractions, inhibiting their impulses, modulating their emotions, and overall, maintaining a state of being calmly focused and alert. In far too many cases the problem lies in the excessive levels of stress that the child is struggling with.

Recent research tells us that one of the keys to student success is self-regulation the ability to monitor and modify emotions, to focus or shift attention, to control impulses, to tolerate frustration or delay gratification.

More information on if a child's ability to self-regulate (PDF) can be improved.