Financial Information

Municipal District of Bighorn 2023 - 2025 Operating Budget and 5-year Capital Plan

Municipal District Council has approved the 2022 Audited Financial Statements . Historical statements are available for viewing upon request, please contact our Finance Department.

Accounting Dictionary  The purpose of the accounting dictionary is to provide day-to-day language in a way that is easy for anybody to understand. These accounting terms are found in Budgets, Audits and Day-to-Day operations. Please use this dictionary as a clear guide while reading the different financial reports.



The Director of Finance is responsible for carrying out the statutory requirements relating to municipal financial operations, taxation, assessment, etc. This is the chief financial position in the Municipal District and the incumbent answers to the C.A.O.

Accounting Assistant

The Accounting Assistant is a full-time position which supports the Director of Finance in matters pertaining to payroll, utilities, property taxation, assessment, and other related items. In addition to the primary duties, the Accounting Assistant may also provide coverage with the data entry, processing, and payment of accounts payable and receivable, and provides relief support to the Receptionist.