Property Taxes

What Are Property Taxes?

Each year, the MD of Bighorn No. 8 Council and Administration determine the cost and the municipal budget required to provide local services, including but not limited to:
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Community & Social Services
  • Park Maintenance
  • Library Resources
  • Protective Services (Fire, Police)
  • Planning for Future Infrastructure
  • Road Construction & Maintenance (snow clearing, resurfacing, etc.)

When Are Tax Notices Sent and Due?

The annual Property Taxes Notices will be mailed in May 2022 and are due June 30, 2022. 
Your tax bill includes municipal taxes, education taxes, police tax and senior foundation requisitions. Only the municipal taxes are retained by the Municipal District to help pay for municipal services. Click on Tax Information Brochure for more details.
If you have any questions regarding your tax notice please contact us via email at

​What Types of Taxes Are Collected?

The following charts show how much of each tax dollar goes to each type of tax.

2016 Tax Graph1
2016 Tax Graph2