Locating Existing Graves

In the summer of 2011, Lafarge staff guided Municipal District of Bighorn staff through the cemetery, using a Global Positioning System (GPS) tool at the locations of existing grave markers and to take photographs. The points were then plotted on a map.

1922 Plan

A copy of a 1922 plan of the cemetery from the Rocky Mountain Park of Canada was obtained but it is difficult to correlate the graves shown on the old map with the possible grave sites recorded by the GPS.

1984 Plaque

The plaque placed outside the cemetery by the municipality in 1984 lists some of the names of persons who were known at the time to be buried in the cemetery. Since 1984, the list of names has grown slightly. Only two grave markers have names, that of D. Colpo and Frederick Sammy Goodman.


A tour of the cemetery arranged by the Municipal District of Bighorn and Lafarge was held in September 2014. There were two busloads of visitors who appreciated the opportunity to see the cemetery.


The Heritage Resources Committee (HRC) further acknowledged the need to protect the cemetery. As such, a second memorial plaque was installed in 2015 by the HRC and Lafarge, to include 24 newly discovered names, to promote awareness and preservation of the cemetery site.

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