Living in the Natural Environment

Living in the Natural Environment brings together 100 to 150 members of the rural and small urban community, government, and non-agricultural rural residents together to initiate discussion. Presentation topics are intended to be thought provoking, interesting, relevant to the surrounding landscape and the people that live there.

The 2020 event will take place on the evening of Friday February 7th at the Cochrane RancheHouse.  Tickets include:
  • informative presentations
  • a delicious prime rib dinner
  • trade show displays
  • cash bar
4:00 PM - Doors Open & Trade show Displays Open
5:00 PM - Fire, Ecosystem Health & You with Dr. David Andison of fRI Research (
6:30 PM - Dinner & Cash Bar
8:00 PM - The 21st Century's Canaries in the Coal Mine: Case Study of Tree Swallows in Central Alberta with Dr. Geoff Holroyd of the Beaverhill Bird Observatory (

Tickets are $40 each (non-refundable but are transferable) and are available to purchase at:
MD of Bighorn 403-673-3611
Mountain View County 403-335-3311 Ext.184
Rocky View County in person at the County office 

Past Event Topics


  • Climate Change and the Implications for Southern Alberta
  • Counting Grizzly Bears in Alberta: Too Many or Not Enough


  • Urbanization and Loss of Prime Agricultural Land: It's Not Just a Rural Issue
  • Owls, Owlers and Owling: The Silent Predator and Our Obsession With Them


  • Bringing Back the Bison
  • All Things Fungal: The Dirt on Mushrooms


  • High Stakes: Food and Farming
  • The Zen of Fish and Watersheds


  • Feral Horse Ecology within Alberta's Eastern Slopes
  • Being Aware of What Is Around You


  • The Flood, Land Uses, and Landscapes of the Upper Bow River Basin: Causes, Consequences, and Risk Mitigation
  • Biology and Conservation of Alberta Bats


  • The Importance of Connected Landscapes in Alberta's Eastern Slopes
  • Between Rock and Hard Places: Wolverines in Multi-use Landscapes of Alberta


  • Climate Change and Forest Change: The Impacts On Our Waters
  • Beavers In Our Landscape


  • Wild Bee Diversity in Alberta
  • Sharing the Range: Carnivores and Communities in Southwestern Alberta


  • The Wild Foods of the Forest Floor
  • Presenter Panel: Bison Reintroduction into Banff National Park