Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Value of Funds

The Council of the Municipal District of Bighorn Number 8 believes that the Municipal District must receive the most value for all funds expended.

Current RFP'S

​Request for Proposal - IT Services

The Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8 is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide IT services and support to the municipality.

Request for Proposal Close: October 21, 2020
Request for Proposal Contact: Shaina Tutt, Director of Finance

Supporting Documentation:

2020 Request for Proposal for IT Services
2020 Request for Proposal for IT Services Addendum 1

Exshaw Creek Landscaping Project- Tender Results

Contractor Name Bid Total Excl GST
Bluegrass $299,533.88
Year Round         $318,391.20
Wilco $352,230.00
ULS $403,948.77

Request for Proposal- Municipal District of Bighorn Municipal Emergency Plan Review and Update

Supporting Documentation:

Heart Creek Flood Mitigation Project - Tender Results

Contractor name         Bid total excl GST 
BECL            $3,913,451.00 
Bow Kor                        $1,799,980.00 
Chief $3,649,419.51 
Dakota             $2,637,812.15 
Devcon             $3,438,753.83 
Everest                          $3,954,263.00 
Ironclad                         $3,641,577.00 
KLS                               $3,750,228.88 
McKnight                       $3,182,670.00 
Wilco $4,515,700.00 
Year Round                   $3,065,654.00 

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