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The Council of the Municipal District of Bighorn Number 8 believes that the Municipal District must receive the most value for all funds expended.

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SPU Sprinkler Protection Unit Wildfire Sprinkler Trailer – RFP Document

Terms of Reference for RFP 2022 Salary Review – RFP Document

Groundwater Study in The Hamlet of Exshaw​


Supporting Documentation
  1. AEMA Assessment of June 2020 Groundwater Flooding 
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  18. Municipal District of Bighorn Groundwater Measurements dated July 12, 2021
  19. Hydrogeology of the Canmore Corridor and Northwestern Kananaskis Country, Alberta
Appendix A Hydrogeological Maps

Appendix B Water Chemistry

Appendix C Cross Sections and Well Locations

Appendix D Hydrogeology of Communities

Appendix E Exploration Hole Logs

Appendix F Alberta Environment Provincial Observation Wells

Jura Creek Flood Mitigation Project - Tender Results

Tender closed at 1400 hours, July 22, 2021

 Contractor Name  Bid total excl GST
 Devcon $ 5,999,857
 Ironclad $ 4,199,973
 Wilco $ 3,578,760
 PME $ 5,638,081
 Whissell $ 5,892,990

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