Request for Proposals (RFP)

Forest and path

Value of Funds

The Council of the Municipal District of Bighorn Number 8 believes that the Municipal District must receive the most value for all funds expended.

Current RFP'S

Facility Needs Assessment and Assessment of Development Sites for Future Municipal Buildings

Request for Proposals pdf.

Supporting Documentation:

Addendum No. 1

Exshaw Creek Landscaping Project- Tender Results

Contractor Name Bid Total Excl GST
Bluegrass $299,533.88
Year Round         $318,391.20
Wilco $352,230.00
ULS $403,948.77

Request for Proposal- Municipal District of Bighorn Municipal Emergency Plan Review and Update

Supporting Documentation:

Heart Creek Flood Mitigation Project - Tender Results

Contractor name         Bid total excl GST 
BECL            $3,913,451.00 
Bow Kor                        $1,799,980.00 
Chief $3,649,419.51 
Dakota             $2,637,812.15 
Devcon             $3,438,753.83 
Everest                          $3,954,263.00 
Ironclad                         $3,641,577.00 
KLS                               $3,750,228.88 
McKnight                       $3,182,670.00 
Wilco $4,515,700.00 
Year Round                   $3,065,654.00 

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