Ward 1

Ward 1 is comprised of the hamlet of Exshaw, Kananaskis and Seebe settlements. The lands in Townships 25 to 26 Range 9 to the North of Exshaw. This Ward elects 2 Councillors

Ward 2

Ward 2 is comprised of the hamlets of Dead Man's Flats, Lac des Arcs and Harvie Heights. It also includes the lands around the Trans-Canada highway between Dead Man's Flats and Lac des Arcs, Rafter Six Ranch and Municipal District lands in Range 10.

Ward 3

Ward 3 is comprised of the West Jumpingpound region South of the Trans-Canada highway and West of highway 68. It also includes the lands in between the Bow and Ghost Rivers (excluding Richards Road which is in Ward 4).

Ward 4

Ward 4 is comprised of the hamlet of Benchlands and all Municipal District land North of the Ghost River found in Townships 27 to 31 and also includes a small portion of lands in Township 26 Range 7.

2017-Ward Boundaries