Building Services

Two Permit System

The Municipal District of Bighorn operates on a two permit system. Prior to application for a building permit, a development permit may be required. Please contact the planning and development department staff to determine all the necessary permits for your project.

Application Review

A completed building permit application is reviewed by the Safety Codes Officer for the building discipline. Please note your application must include, among other things, a waste management plan and a security deposit as per the Municipal District's fee schedule bylaw. When the application meets the requirements of the Alberta Building Code, a building permit is issued. 

Site Inspections

The applicant is responsible to ensure that all the required site inspections are completed during construction. A building cannot be occupied prior to the issuance of an occupancy approval permit by the Building Safety Codes Officer. An Application for Occupancy Form must be submitted to request this inspection. Once the Occupancy Approval Permit has been issued, your security deposit is returned.


The Municipal District of Bighorn's Safety Codes Officer is currently available for questions and for booking site reviews on Wednesdays and Thursdays (days are subject to change). Please provide at least one week notice to the planning and development department (Janice Thompson) if you require a site review.

General Information for House Builders (PDF) - Alberta Building Code Changes - May 3, 2009