Best Garden Selection - 2019 Winners

The MD again participated in the Communities in Bloom – Best Garden Selection Program

This is a fun, casual 
way to recognize the care and attention residents put into having a beautiful yard and garden in harmony with our surroundings and wildlife.

The program provided signs to post in winning yards for the season. Award signs are then returned to the MD in the fall for reuse next year.

This year 5 residents were nominated for recognition; a shared yard in Dead Man's Flats, 2 yards in Exshaw and 1 Harvie Heights yard.

This program is run very informally and is loosely judged by these evaluation categories.

The 2019 Winners

Residents Choice Award goes to Barb Portlock of Harvie Heights for their beautiful showcase of her alpine gardening expertise.

Honorable Mention went to Branka Levstick of Exshaw for her beautifully landscaped and maintained yard and her outstanding flower and vegetable gardening skills she shares so generously with her neighbours. 

Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you to all who nominated and voted this year.

We look forward to increased resident participation again next year...

Best Garden
Barb Portlock - Harvie Heights

Branka Levsick - Exshaw

2019 photo gallery 

Dead Man's Flats: T Savitsky & P Baumberg 
 E Butkiewicz, B Levstik

Harvie Heights: B Portlock

2018 photo gallery

Dead Man's Flats neighbours Terri Savitsky and Paul Baumberg 

2017 photo gallery

Exshaw: F deBeer, D Grady, L Hirsch, A Kelly, B Levstik, J Springstead, Exshaw Legion.

Jamieson Road area: P & K Clark, F MacLeod.