Good Food Box

What is the Bow Valley Good Food Box?

The Bow Valley Good Food Box (GFB) is a program organised by Bow Valley Food Alliance utilizing staff and volunteers from Town of Banff, Canmore Primary Care Network, ID 9, MD of Bighorn and Stoney Heath Services through the local Farm Box/Organics Box business so you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables (produce) at wholesale cost. The Good Food Box is a hands-up program as opposed to a hand-out. This offers sustainable access to nutritious food to ensure that no one has to go hungry.  

If you purchase a full price box you are covering the full cost of the produce and helping us to increase our bulk buying power.  You are not taking away from someone who needs it more but are helping to support them. You can also purchase a full-pay $30 box as a program donation.

April 2021 Good Food Box Contents

April 2021 GFB Contents

How Does the GFB Operate?

The GFB is a monthly assortment of fresh produce that focuses on packing in as much nutritious food as it can, while sourcing local, seasonal, and organic when possible. The content of the box varies each month based on seasonal availability and wholesale pricing.  

The GFB operates by buying fresh top quality produce directly from farmers and wholesale suppliers. The food is bought in bulk and delivered to the Edmonton warehouse. Boxes contain the maximum fresh fruits and vegetables possible in them for the price. Each monthly box contains a similar mixture of staple produce, though some of the contents will change seasonally. Boxes are assembled by the professional Organics Box staff (who utilize all the latest recommended safe food handling processes) and delivered at our pick-up depots by dedicated volunteers who along with the Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign and Canmore Rotary desire to see individuals and families accessing affordable nutritious food.

Order Online with PayPal, credit or debit card by 9 am on the Order Deadline (see dates below) via 

Customised contents for a box is NOT possible.

FAQ’s at Bow Valley Good Food Box Facebook page and more info at Canmore PCN. Call Community Services if you still need more information or to volunteer; 403-673-3611, ext 223.

This program allows all residents of the Bow Valley to get a wholesale box of fresh fruit and vegetables for $30. Good Food Boxes (GFB) will be delivered to Exshaw for folks who live, work or go to school in MD Bighorn and tentatively to Kananaskis on Monday, once a month. **If we get enough GFB orders (2 or more) for particular Hamlets or areas, we can arrange a pick-up spot there with some volunteers in that area. Payment is required at time of order placement and the boxes must be picked up on the depot’s date and timeWe do NOT order extra boxes, so plan ahead and order by the deadline.  

Any boxes not picked up will be donated to a local food security program. 

Thanks to the generous support of Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign and Canmore Rotary a reduced price of $25 per box is available to area residents who:
- have an annual income below Single Individual $33,045 or Family/Couple $66,090, or
have been recently impacted financially by the COVID-99 Pandemic containment measures, or 
- are volunteers with the GFB program. 
- if you need a more affordable option during COVID-19 contact Community Services early to see if a Pay What You Can box is available. 

All orders are placed online and you specify your pick up location as one of the following "cities": Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise or Exshaw.  There are no credit or debit card processing fees with this local supplier.

If you need a more affordable option, do not have PayPal, a credit or debit card to order online so need to pay via cash please contact Community Services via phone or email by at least 1 week prior to the order deadline to make arrangements for payment and we will place your online order for you.

Order & Pre-pay DeadlinesPick-up DatesPick-up Depot LocationsPick-up Hours
Monday at 9 am
If you need to pay via cash or need a "Pay What You Can" box please contact Community Services at least 1 week prior to the order deadline 
Exshaw Community Centre - kitchen door on north alley .
Dead Man’s Flats
Harvie Heights 
Hwy 40/Jamieson Rd
Lac des Arcs
**Kananaskis tentatively 
street in front of Post Office.
4-6 pm arrive as early as possible

**details emailed
in Canmore
**details emailed
**details emailed
**details emailed 
Order Deadline MondayPick-Up MondayOrder Deadline MondayPick-Up Monday

 13-Jun-22 20-Jun-22
 7-Feb-22 14-Feb-2212-Sep-2219-Sep-22

This Bow Valley wide affordable fruit and vegetable program is brought you in partnership with:
Town of Banff, MD of Bighorn, Primary Care Network, Improvement District 9, Bow Valley Food Alliance, Stoney Health Services with generous support of Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign, Canmore Rotary, and Farm Box. 

**This program would not be possible without the generous support and assistance of community volunteers and Tim Horton Camp staff who help to distribute the boxes to MD Hamlets, Kananaskis and Stoney Nakoda Nation from the Exshaw depot.  Volunteers will be at the Exshaw depot during pick-up hours on GFB days.