Bans & Restrictions

Road Bans

Year-round road bans are applied on Jamieson Road, Courville Road and Richards Road.  More restrictive road bans are typically in effect approximately between March 15th and June 15th annually, and as seasonal/environmental conditions dictate.

Current Weight Restrictions & Road Bans: Effective 12:00 hrs Friday, June 4, 2021

LocationPlan NumberAxle Percentage
Jamieson Road73116990% Weights
Jamieson Road1970 B.M90% Weights
Courville Road001025575% Weights
Richards Road6068 JK90% Weights

Overweight/Overdimension Permit and Road Use Agreement

Bridge Weight Restrictions

The Municipality will not permit any overweight load in excess of the following weight restrictions, or as otherwise posted:

  • Fallen Timber Creek Bridge 18/32/48
  • Ghost River Bridge (Richards Road) 19/21/23

The Waiparous Creek Bridge on Highway 40 is under the control and management of Alberta Transportation.