Engineering Submissions

Unless otherwise authorized by Operations, the developer shall retain a professional engineer to design and certify the construction of:

  1. Industrial, commercial, institutional, multi-family, duplex and similar development sites (ICIM Development Sites).
  2. Low pressure wastewater systems for single-family residential development sites.
  3. Modifications to a municipal water or wastewater system as part of a service connection.
  4. Development of municipal access roads.

The developer’s engineer shall be registered to practice in Alberta with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and shall have Errors and Omissions Insurance with limits not less than $2 million.

Engineering Reviews

Operations retains a third party engineering consultant to review and respond to engineering submissions and enquires. 

All third party engineering and other professional costs, including any costs incurred by Operations prior to an application for development are recoverable at the complete expense of the developer.

The landowner will need to submit an ICIM Development Site Application before Operations will review or respond to engineering submissions or enquiries for ICIM Development Sites.