Bob Allen

​City Boy Moves to the Country

Robert Howard Allen, born in Calgary and is one of 11 children who moved to a ¼ section off Jamieson Road in 1959.  Bob tells stories of his parents and siblings, living in the country, and fully embracing hunting, fishing and hiking on trips to Ghost River, Lake Minniwanka and Banff Park.  Bob moved to Seebe in 1966 for a job with Calgary Power and describes the working and social life in the company village and surrounding Electric Utility Generation Plants. 

Memories of Jameson Road 

After receiving a ¼ section of land off Jamieson Road as a payout from a defaulted logging company, Bob’s Father moved his large family out of Calgary and built the cinderblock house with friends which became the family home for the next 31 years.  Bob talks about his family life in the country; an area full of children where sawmills were the neighborhood staple business; helping bring in the hay for relatives in Priddis; being bussed to school in Cochrane and a social life full of scouting, hiking and curling bonspiels in rubber boots. 20 Acres of the property and the house are still owned by Bob’s sister Laurie.

Bob Allen on the right, with his brother, James, and sister, Eileen (September 2016, on the West Coast Trail).

Bob Allen

A Career Begins 

At the age of 19 Bob was hired by Calgary Power to work in Seebe and as required, lived in the staff housing for single people from 1966 to 1970.  He describes the varied social life of a village with 15 – 20 people as well as working at the Kananaskis Plants in the valley and the TransAlta Hydro Control Centre.  Bob continued working for TransAlta until he retired in 2000. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Bob Allen - October 11, 2016. 
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