Ian MacGregor & Family

The MacGregor Family Legacy

This interview is joined by Jack and Anna, their Son Ian MacGregor and Granddaughter Kate MacGregor as they share memories and stories of living in the MD of Bighorn.
Mrs. Anna MacGregor met Mr. Jack MacGregor working for the red cross in 1941/42 instructing arts and crafts while Jack spent four years in recovery. When their son Ian was 8, Mrs. Anna MacGregor and her sister purchased a property in the Hamlet of Benchlands by the Ghost River and the entire family began their love affair with the land. 

Building the MacGregor House  

Based on a windmill design and including African metalwork, Ian describes the framing and building of the MacGregor House. 

Ian MacGregor with his mother, Anna MacGregor, 2012

Ian and Anna

Kate MacGregor with grandfather, Jack MacGregor, 2012

Kate and Jack

Jamieson Road and the Hamlet of Benchlands  

Ian MacGregor and his mother reminisce on their Jamieson Road early days, neighbors; logging trails; and improvement ideas. early days describe the Jamieson Road from the past. Neighbors etc. improvement ideas and current charms.

Carraig Ridge Development  

Ian tells the story of the planning and development of 700 acres of land now known as Carraig Ridge.  His efforts to develop in a sustainable way focusing on the conservation of the area and by enlisting top experts and architects. Kate MacGregor shares the 20-year plan for the development of Carraig Ridge and overall vision of this subdivision. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Ian MacGregor & Family – August 8, 2012. 
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Ian MacGregor & Family Interview; Timeline & History of MacGregor House