Maureen Wills

Life is an Adventure

After completing her duty in 1957 with the women's Royal Air Force  in the UK in her late twenties, she decided to take a voyage across the ocean to Canada to visit Alberta. This trip was meant to be a short visit, and once she had seen the area, she knew this is where she wanted to live. 

Maureen Wills, 2016

Maureen Wills

Life on Jamieson Road 

Her husband, Frank Mills, and her both ran a sawmill business that was supplied to Calgary. She moved out onto Jamieson Road with her daughter Cathy . She talks about the lifestyle of living out on Jamieson Road with the wildlife, and being their for each other in the rural Community. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Maureen Wills - October 7, 2016.
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