Paul Gibson

Gibson Family History  

Paul Gibson talks about his family history and how his Father immigrated from upstate New York to Ontario, Canada and met Paul's Mother near Kingston. They married in 1944 and moved out west in 1946 near Jasper, Alberta. They had been in various locations and occupations in Alberta. While residing in Calgary, they had purchased 800 acres at the end of Jamieson Road for logging operations with a small cabin that eventually Paul's parents built their first house.

Life on Jamieson Road 

Paul goes over various stories about the lifestyle living on Jamieson Road and their interactions with rural neighbours. He talks shares his stories about hunting trips with friends, the running of the family saw mill and cattle business. Paul and his friends on Jamieson Road were some of the few that was part of the first Beaupre Scout Troops. This interview goes into more detail about Paul Gibson and his family. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Bill Hogarth - April 29, 2015.
For full interview, watch the complete Oral History Project Playlist for Paul Gibson on the MD of Bighorn YouTube Channel. 

Gibson Family and Cedartech Mills

Cedartech Mills Lumber (2)

Paul Gibson, 2015

Paul Gibson