Ray & Margaret Hill

Living and working in Rural Alberta Forestry Service

Ray Hill is from Stoney Creek, Ontario and Margaret is a native Albertan raised in the Turner Valley area. They both married in 1956 and moved into rural Alberta. Ray worked various ranching jobs until he was able to obtain a Forest Ranger position at the Red Deer Ranger Station, then in 1960 he was able to transfer to Ghost Ranger Station where they remained there until 1976. He was transferred after to the Canmore Ranger Station after 1976.

Ray and Margaret Hill, 2017

Ray and Margaret Hill
Ray and Margaret tell various stories about the community life, social events, and Forestry work. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Ray and Margaret Hill - March 29, 2017.
For full interview, watch the complete Oral History Project Playlist for Ray and Margaret Hill on the MD of Bighorn YouTube Channel.