Rick Guinn

The Guinn Family History

Rick Guinn is a descendant of Alvin Guinn and Eva Guinn (nee Coates). Eva was previously married to Alonzo 'Soapy' Smith that founded the Rafter Six Ranch. Soapy maintained the brand of Rafter Six Ranch until his death in 1948, Alvin Guinn was the primary ranch hands and provided guiding services from the 1920's until 1950's. Alvin and Eva married and had three children; Shannon, Colleen, and Rick. 

Rick Guinn, Photograph by Andrew Harding @hardinghama

Rick Guinn, Photo by @hardinghama

The Guy on the Buffalo

Rick Guinn was born in Banff, Alberta. He is known as the Cowboy that rode a Buffalo. He grew up on the Rafter Six Ranch with his two other sisters. They continued with providing riding and guiding tours throughout the Kananaskis Country area. He is a well known name in the Hunting world and outfitter for many years. These interviews Rick shares many childhood stories, about his father Alvin Guinn, and life living in the MD of Bighorn. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Rick Guinn - June 13, 2015.
For full interview, watch the complete Oral History Project Playlist for Rick Guinn on the MD of Bighorn YouTube Channel. 

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Rick Guinn on a Buffalo, Photograph from Guinn Outfitters Website

Rick Guinn on a Buffalo, Photograph from Guinn Outfitters Website