Groundwater Readings

Groundwater level readings are taken in three locations in Dead Man’s Flats and two locations in Exshaw. The first reading in 2020 for the Exshaw Berm was taken on June 1st.  

Data points are a moment in time, may be taken at different times during the day and have not been analyzed. The M.D. of Bighorn provides this information in good faith but provides no warranty nor accepts any liability arising from incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or its improper use.  

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Exshaw locations

Exshaw Updated February 23/2021

Exshaw Lagoon

Lagoon  2020

Exshaw Berm

Berm  2020

Dead Man’s Flats

DMF Locations

Dead Man’s Flats Updated December 30/2020


DMF 1  2020 Opens in new window


DMF 2  2020 Opens in new window


DMF 3  2020