Keeping of Livestock

The MD of Bighorn's Land Use Bylaw (LUB) regulates where within the MD livestock are permitted to be kept and when a permit is needed or exempt. Permits are administered by the MD's Planning Services Department. Livestock are not permitted to be kept in the hamlets of Exshaw, Lac des Arcs, Dead Man's Flats and Harvie Heights.

Livestock Emergency Response

The MD of Bighorn Livestock Emergency Response Guide provides considerations for first responders, administration staff, and residents for handling livestock during a disaster or emergency event. It is important to know the risks in your area and on your property to better prepare for an emergency.

Livestock Mortality Management

Disposal of dead livestock is regulated under the Animal Health Act. Livestock producers need to be aware and follow the Disposal of Dead Animals Regulation when managing livestock mortality and carcass disposal. 

Manure Management

All livestock owners must manage manure to minimize environmental risk to surface and ground water sources. This applies to all cow/calf operations and horse owners. Manure management requirements are outlined in the Standards and Administration Regulation of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA).