How do I apply for a dog licence?

Dog License Registration Forms can be found by clicking on Dog Registration Forms or can be obtained at the office.

Licenses are required for dogs 6 months of age and older, in the Municipal District hamlets where animal control services are provided. (Hamlets include Exshaw, Dead Man's Flats, Lac Des Arcs and Harvie Heights) 

Registration Forms filled out electronically will automatically be submitted, however, depending on your payment selection please see below:

Payment can be dropped off in person to the Administration Building at #2 Heart Mountain Drive, Exshaw Alberta, we will need the dog owner’s name to process payment. Dog tag(s) and receipt will be issued right on the spot.

Mail payment to MD of Bighorn, PO BOX 310, Exshaw AB, T0L 2C0 include the dog owner’s name. Tag(s) and payment receipt will be mailed to dog owner. 

We also have a drop box at the front of the Administration Building for any payments. 

Credit card payments can be made online via our Options Pay portal. Click on the link to learn about payment. Credit Card Payment

Mailing address:
Box 310
Exshaw, Alberta T0L 2C0

Physical address:
#2 Heart Mountain Drive
Exshaw, Alberta T0L 2C0

Dog Registration Form

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