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  1. Proof of Spay or Neuter Enclosed?
    Only required if first time registering for a license in Bighorn
  2. Please provide proof of your dog being neutered or spayed. If you haven't already done so.
  3. Pet License Pricing*

    Please select the one that applies. Must provide proof of spay or neuter certificate.

  4. Upload a photo of your dog here.
  5. * The above information can be used to reunite dogs and owners, so if your dog has registered tattoos or a microchip, this information should also be provided.
  6. How & Where to send your form
    This form is submitted to the MD via email. If you would like to make payment via cheque, ensure Pet Owner name is included and then mail or drop off appropriate fee to: M.D. of Bighorn Box 310, #2 Heart Mountain Drive Exshaw, AB T0L 2C0 Fax: (403) 673-3895 Email:
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